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Incubate your business at The WorcShop

We specialize in larger-scale projects & industrial applications such as machining, welding, plasma cutting, ventilated painting, blacksmithing, forging, casting, and various other processes that require lots of heat and pressure. We are in the process of adding large-scale sandblasting, automotive repair, carpentry, glass, ceramics & more in the coming months. The Shop also offers various common-use industrial workstations

On the Studio side, we have individual offices (WorcSuites or WorcSpaces) & cubicle style WorcBays where we incubate numerous businesses, including Eternity Ironworks, True Life Photography of MA, Kat's Hammer & many others.

The WorcShop offers the community a place where people can follow their passions and creativity without serious monetary restrictions. We have seen the crucial role that maker spaces can play for adults in other cities by providing access to tools, materials, and mentor-ship that otherwise cannot be found. We also recognized that the Artisan and Maker Movement offers a new way to re-engage our youth as active learners -- motivating students to learn about art, science, and technology as well as to gain valuable practical experience developing creative and innovative projects. We believe that The WorcShop promotes creativity, and will also play a significant role in developing an ecosystem that contributes to the economic and cultural life of Worcester.

The WorcShop will be a major force in the revitalization of Central Massachusetts as an entrepreneurial center for New England. We'll accomplish this by promoting artistic/engineering endeavors, non-traditional educational initiatives, and technological research and development, while simultaneously securing Worcester’s place at the leading edge of the new "Innovation Economy.”

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