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Frequently Asked Questions about The WorcShop

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers! Have a question that wasn’t answered? Send us an email:!

Visit our Wiki FAQs for the most up-to-date information!


How do you find us?

We moved in September 2020 to 11 Hankey St in Rochdale, MA! Rochdale is part of Leicester, MA. Old farm and factory towns in Massachusetts are quite fascinating, and if you add Leicester to your GPS instead of Rochdale, you’ll likely get directions to us anyways. You can also just type our street address (11 Hankey St) and our zip code (01542). Pictures Here!

What is “proper shop attire”?

Natural fiber clothing, long sleeves, and jeans are the typical minimum recommended, as well as closed-toe shoes. Leather boots are strongly recommended. Sneakers are acceptable if made of non-synthetic materials. Though The WorcShop has basic safety gear for general use, students are encouraged to bring their own personal protective gear, such as leather work gloves, welding helmets, safety glasses, etc (if they possess them) as you will learn best in items that fit well & you are comfortable in. Until [COVID] is no longer a threat to our community, ALL guests, members, staff, &students MUST wear a mask that covers both nose and mouth while inside our space. We have staff and members who are immunocompromised and we will ask you to either mask or leave our building. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

How do I get access to the tools and equipment you offer?

Our tools and equipment are available to members, as they have been signed off to use them. To get signed off, members can take private tool training lessons. Some of our classes also come with sign-offs, but not all of them. To schedule a private tool training, email, or fill out [THIS FORM]

Do I have to be a member to rent space? What is the lowest tier I can be to rent a locker or a studio space?

Only members may rent space. To rent a locker, you can be any tier member, we have lockers available to all tiers of membership. To rent bigger storage space, bays, studios, or other private workspaces, you need to be at least a full-time member.

What is the price range for the different tiers of membership you offer?

Memberships are $69-$338+ depending on the amount of time, times of day, and the number of people your membership would include. A single member who only wanted weekend access could pay $69/month for a WEEKEND membership, a single person who wants 24/7 access could pay $169/month for a FULL-TIME membership, and small business owners needing several people to have access 24/7 could pay $338 for an ORGANIZATIONAL membership. More information about memberships can be found on our Membership page.

What are some of the perks I can expect with my membership?

Membership perks include, but are not limited to: WiFi; common areas like break room & conference room; a business listing on our website; community; discounts on classes; & visibility at local artisan events like stART on the street, and our own in-house events like our annual maker market. More information about memberships can be found on our Membership page.

What are the best practices for using the shop?”

Link to Best WorcShop Practices coming soon!

If I want to take a class that is during a time slot that is not during my membership tier hours, can I, or do I have to pay for a higher membership?

You do not even have to be a member to take classes. Our classes are open to the public. Your key card will not suddenly grant you access during said class, but you will be let inside the building to participate in class.

Can I bring my child with me to class?

Children are welcome to take most intro-level WorcShop classes alongside a parent or legal guardian with a signed waiver. A ticket must be purchased for each person. No more than 2 children are allowed per adult. If you have any questions about whether a particular class will be suitable for your child please email

What happens if my class doesn’t make minimum enrollment?

If the class does not reach minimum enrollment, by the date specified in the listing (normally 3 days before the event) it will be canceled. Students will have the option of transferring their ticket(s) to another class or receiving a refund. (Members can pay an additional 50% of the ticket price to take class privately, Non-Members can purchase a second ticket.) Please provide us with BOTH a contact number & email to ensure you are properly notified of course changes.

What happens if I can’t make it to the class?

If you cannot make it to class and request a refund no later than 4 days prior, you will be refunded your entire ticket price.

If you request a refund less than 3 days before the event The WorcShop reserves the right to retain the ticket price in full.

If you do not attend, for any reason, The WorcShop retains the ticket price in full. You may take the class at a later scheduled date for 50% off the ticket price (this fee goes entirely to our instructors, to compensate them in full for their time.)

During COVID, if you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone who tested positive, please alert our staff ASAP and we will issue you a gift certificate for a seat to the class you were to attend for a later date.

Why can’t I just show up to class and buy a ticket there?

Ticket sales end at least 3 days before class starts, so ticket sales must be made in advance. Our instructors get advanced notice for how many students they will have before class starts so they can plan accordingly.

Why don’t you allow MLM businesses at your maker markets?

Our community is built around being your own business owner/artist/maker. We do not feel that the multi-level marketing business model (also known as direct sales or network marketing) fits our mission. If you should be accepted to our maker market by accident, we will gladly refund you your table fee. Thanks for understanding!

How do I purchase a gift certificate?

You can purchase gift certificates through [Gift Up!] GiftUp makes it easy to gift and pay for classes. After receiving your GiftUp code, you can use it directly with Eventbrite to purchase tickets for WorcShop classes and events, if you’d like to use it for something else, just email us! ( ) Gift Up! is the easiest way to gift all WorcShop classes and events. Gift Up! works directly with Eventbrite to make using a gift card as easy as copy and pasting a code into the checkout tab. ​

We can send you a PayPal invoice via email, or a QuickBooks* invoice via email. Paying with a credit/debit card, PayPal, & QuickBooks will have an additional fee. A check may also be mailed to The WorcShop, 11 Hankey St, POBox 339, Rochdale, MA 01542. If you mail a check, we will not mail out the gift certificate until we have received the check.

  • If you intend to pay your QuickBooks invoice via ACH instead of cc/debit, please let us know before invoicing you.
  • ACH Transactions carry no fees.

Have a question we didn’t answer here? Just send us an email!

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